Free Risk Report

In order to review risk analysis solutions most fund managers ask us to produce a one-off risk report for one of their funds. If you are interested in receiving a free risk report then please contact us at riskreports@dragonsdesk.com specifying

● The asset classes and regions covered, e.g. Equity, Fixed Income, Balanced, Derivatives, Fund of Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds, Single Country, Regional or Global.

● The fund's investment style, e.g. Fundamental, Macro, Quantitative, Rotational, Mixed, Absolute, Benchmarked, Biased or 130/30.

● The particular purpose for the risk analysis, e.g. if you would like us to revise the portfolio holdings to improve risk:return profile, have us focus on regulatory risk requirements, e.g. UCITS, or run a custom risk attribution based on any mixture of macro-economic, yield curve, country, sector, fundamental and user-defined sensitivities

We will then send you the relevant input data requirements and look forward to showing you how to make use of the appropriate risk models and analytics.

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